NTS 2.0 – The future of the National Traffic System

Numerous hams active in traffic handling have been collaborating over the last several months to help move the National Traffic System forward in its evolution. With advancements in communications technologies, the objectives of the system need to change to meet today’s emergency response needs. Systems like the Internet did not exist in 1949 when the NTS was formed, and with this and other changes in how we communicate, along with today’s unique set of threats like cyberattacks, we as traffic handlers need to update our approach to help reduce or mitigate these newer communications risks.

I invite you to read the July QST article to learn more about this initiative, and to check out the NTS 2.0 website for updates on progress as things move forward.

As always, thank you to all of you that help relay traffic every day. The system would not work without you, and as the system evolves through NTS 2.0 and other efforts, I hope you will continue to participate for years to come.


Aaron | K8AMH

NTS 2.0 – The future of the National Traffic System

Aaron Hulett | K8AMH

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